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Covid-19 Information

As we continue to monitor and adhere to Florida Health Department recommendations, State and local  health regulations, at A&A Children's Academy we have been busy following appropriate protocols to protect our students and teachers.


Some of the proactive measures we are implementing include:


- Hiring a Professional Sanitation Service to disinfect all high-touch areas in every classroom

- Removing all carpet material from classrooms and general areas 

- Uncluttering all classrooms to increase space for students and staff


We remain positive and enthusiastic about resuming classes as soon as health restrictions are lifted and are committed to maintaining a small classroom environment for the safety of students, staff and their families.


If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call me at 305.310.0243


We miss our students and parents immensely and look forward to your return to our center.

Mrs. Aurora





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