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A&A Children’s Academy will provide a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment that focuses on opportunities for the child to develop through rich learning experiences and explorations of play. Through meaningful experiences, the children will develop positive self-esteem and self-concept promoting self-confidence and independence they will need to continue on in school. As they explore their responsive environment, children will begin to form the concepts on which all future learning will be based.


Each child will be provided with opportunities to learn and play in activities, using materials and experiences that encourage engagement, exploration, questioning and problem solving. The child’s interests and strengths are supported and enriched with relevant activities and positive interactions, creating an environment that is appropriate for his/her developmental needs. These factors ensure the growth of each child physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally and adaptively.


In the spirit of co-operation on which our program is based, families and teachers collaborate together for child’s success. The continuity between home and the program helps to ensure an atmosphere of acceptance and love. It is our aim to provide an environment in which all children feel free, safe and comfortable, enabling the children to follow their urges to explore, discover, thrive and develop a love of learning.

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