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School Programs 


Our Pre-K 3 curriculum emphasizes language, activity, and movement, with a major emphasis on large muscle development. Many of the daily activities include dramatic play, puzzles, manipulatives, blocks, and listening to and discussing stories. Children at this stage in development also enjoy a greater variety of experiences and more small motor activities such as cutting, writing, art, and cooking. They are more able to concentrate and remember information. They are learning to combine ideas into more complex thoughts, making meaningful connections and having growing memory capacity.


The 3 Year Old classroom is print-rich which helps to foster the development of language and literacy skills. Stories are read on a daily basis, and there are many opportunities for phonics practice, written activities and invented spelling. In the morning, circle time is a very important part of the day where the children practice the ABCs, counting, shapes, colors, etc. This is the stage that your child begins to understand consequences and becomes more aware of other peoples’ feelings thus developing more friendships and playing cooperatively with others. These concepts are also included in the daily circle time routine.

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