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Parent Policies


When dropping off their children, all parents are required to walk their children into the classrooms and sign their child in/out of the school.  After ensure the teachers are aware the child is there before leaving.  


Children will be allowed to leave the school only with their parents, unless the parents state otherwise on their consent form. If someone other than the persons authorized is picking up the child, the teachers should be notified in advance. The designate must produce photo identification before the child can leave the school. Should the names of people authorized to pick up the child change; the parents are required to notify the school. The school will not release a child to a person whom they do not know unless we are authorized by the parent to do so. No child shall be allowed to leave without an accompanying adult or person over the age of sixteen.




Late fees are incurred when your child remains at the school after closing time (6:00 p.m.). Late fees are payable at a rate of $5.00 for every 10 minutes.  It is, therefore, important that tardiness be kept to a minimum. If the problem persists, the school reserves the right to withdraw that child from the program.

Please note: Late fees are outside of the regular fee schedule.




It is imperative that the school and the parents engage in good communication.  A&A Children’s Academy facilitates this partnership with daily reports, emails, phone calls, and conferences.  The following initiatives are directed at ensuring effective communication between parents and teachers and describes an escalation protocol:


1.  The parent is required to schedule a conference with the teacher involved if there is a concern.

2.  If the parent feels dissatisfied with the outcome of the situation, the parent should contact the Assistant/ Director.




All families will be required to sign and adhere to the Parental Code of Conduct. (Appendix A)




At A&A Children’s Academy II we encourage parent involvement in the program.  Parents make children’s school experience special through their continual support and involvement.  From the beginning of the school year we begin our partnership with the parents and through their cooperation and support we have great help and many successful years.


Parents are always welcome to visit the program at anytime, or request a one on one parent-teacher conferences.  Educational workshops, reading materials and presentation of children's work in the Creative Curriculum philosophy and Emergent Literacy are available to all families.

To help parents continue to grow in their effectiveness as parents and in an effort to promote healthy families, our Parent Resource Center has material related to Parenting and Child Development available.




A&A Children’s Academy has an “open door” policy.  Parents are free to access all areas used by the children.  The only limitations to this policy are:


- During facility operation hours or while the child is in care, only the licensee, teacher, volunteer, or authorize representative of a government agency, or parent shall have unsupervised or regular access to the child in care.

- We will allow the parent/guardian of the child in care-unsupervised access only to his or her child.

- We ask that parents are familiar with their child’s daily routine so as to avoid or minimize disrupting your child while engaged in special activities, such as napping or play.

- If it is your wish to visit your child during nap time, we request that you limit your visit to avoid disrupting other children.



A&A Children’s Academy II does not discriminate against children, staff, or applicants on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status/family structure, disability, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, social and family background, linguistic preference, pregnancy, or presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability. This policy applies to every aspect of A&A programs, practices, policies, and activities.

It is our policy to provide equality of opportunity in education and employment for all students and employees as well. To accommodate children and staff with disabilities or special needs and provide the support and provisions needed to make experience one that promotes independence, self-determination, and integration. Using an anti-bias curriculum that supports children as they explore, celebrate and understand differences.

Our school does not discriminate in anyway within the administration or our educational and enrollment policies, financial plan or any other school-administered program. In accordance to nondiscrimination in employment and educational programs/activities and to provide equal opportunity for all as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).



If the Parent is involved in a custody dispute or has a current custody agreement that involves a child currently attending the school, the parent must report this information to the school. If there is a custody agreement on file, the school is better able to ensure that the child is released only to the proper individuals.



Every child attending the School is required to have a rest time of at least 2 hours. We recommend sending in a blanket & pillow for each child. Each child is provided with a cot and a sheet. The sheets and cots are disinfected weekly. Blankets and Pillows will be sent home once a week for cleaning.




A&A Children’s Academy II participates in the Child Care Food Program through Highland Food Resources and catered Greater Miami Caterers.  Parents have to sign up to participate in the free food program.  The breakfast, lunch, and snack provided follow the Food and Drug Administration pyramid of healthy eating guidelines posted in each classroom along with the rotating monthly menu.


Please make the staff aware of any food allergies or restrictions as soon as possible. Children’s special dietary needs and allergies will be posted in the classroom and in the kitchen.


If a child is bringing his/her own lunch for health reasons; e.g. allergies, gluten free etc, we ask parents to ensure the lunch has an ice pack is in labeled container and follows the prescribed health guidelines.



A&A Children’s AcademyII  is dependent on raising additional funds through several fundraising events per year. We use the funds to purchase items to supplement the program. Fundraising is the only way for us to raise money to help keep your fees reasonable. With this in mind, we ask that you support each fundraising campaign for your child’s school.




Each child should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for physical activity and weather. A second set of clothing should be kept at the School in case of accidents. Wet or soiled laundry will be placed in a bag in the child’s cubby. All clothing should be labeled with the child’s name. Parents are also asked to bring a blanket for nap time clearly labeled with the child’s name.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT CLOTHING BE LABELED TO AVOID CONFUSION & LOST ITEMS.



Throughout the year trips are made to special places of interest. These are in addition

to regular activities planned throughout the week. At the time of registration you are asked to sign a general permission form granting your child(ren) permission to attend these excursions. Notice for special trips will be sent home in advance informing the parent of the destination, time and date with a consent form to sign. There will normally be a nominal fee charged in order to assist with bus rentals or admission costs.




A&A Children’s Academy II uses the Florida Department of Children and Families guide as an indicator of whether a playground is in a safe and clean condition and kept in a good state of repair.  This policy is intended to provide all teachers with the School’s supervision and programming expectations and fulfill all requirements to meet DCF Standard and Regulations set out in the statues.



Regular fire inspections and drills are conducted and required for the licensing of the school.  The children practice evacuation procedures monthly.  In any event of a fire, gas leak, flood, water shortage or any other emergency such as tornado or thunderstorm the children will be evacuated.  If any event of potential danger lock down procedures will be implemented.




For the safety of your child(ren) your full concentration is required when picking up

or dropping off your child. For this reason we require all parents to turn off their cell phones while in the School.

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